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I took this picture some time ago, at the Minneapolis Instute of Arts - beautiful detail / realism painting. But also, note how it looks almost like Al or Sal when they were but lads? The painting description said it was of a young lad in Italy, but the painter and title I have forgotten.

Hi! In the features section you can find little cool things..... it might be pictures, drawings, sound clips , or what not, but it'll be cool whatever it is!

Which of these pictures is Al's eyes? 1

Which Picture is of Al?

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Which Picture is of Al?

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Totally cool factoids

Supposedly Al likes Ketchup .........

And Espresso

And tries to sign his name for everyone he can in a line. How sweet !

Al Has never been married. Yay!

Al has been seen wearing 1 or 2 gold chains with his shirt open alittle as 1 of his casual looks

Al likes Baseball!

Al kicked a 2 pack a day smoking habit to save his voice

It is rumored Al is a real coffee drinker

Faye's Quick Al Movie Comments ---- I decided not to make this list too long, as there are so many sites that offer really god and detailed reviews. However here's is just my quick comments on some of his movies.

Scarecrow ---- Watching Al play Lionel is quite something. And the Jail scene is disturbing. Still it is cool to see him in a roll like this as it is different from alot of films he's in. A good film.

Godfather 1 ---- A young Al plays a young mobster. My favorite of the Godfather films. He's acting very cool, very professinal

Godfather 2 ---- Not quite as good as above however some suprub acting

Godfather 3 ---- My least favorite of the triology. But there is the one scene towards the end, I think you'll all know what I mean when I say the silent scream on the steps that sends chills through me. That *is* Talent!

Godfather, Bonus Disk ---- It is a way nifty look behind the scenes and some great things inclu. Cut scenes, Talking with Director Francis Ford Coppla, and of course the interviews with Al and his co stars.

Scarface ---- Al as a macho good guy with a hang up about protecting his sister.

Carlito's Way ---- Al is a drug kingpin here trying to go legit. He's also got a way long hair do, and a way lucky girlfriend.

Devil's Advocate ---- Al is hot in this movie. Oh yeah. Very hot. Al is one sexy devil! Uhh, It is a bit odd of a roll, usually we see Al as the guy who's just trying to do something right / caring but here he plays a devil of a roll!

Insomnia ---- I have always liked Al's acting, but it was in this movie I realized just how much! They way he makes us believe in his character.

Scent of a Woman ---- Hooooahhhhh! Hear Al talk dirty in this flick! Dirty talking Al. HooAhhhhhhhh!

The Insider ---- A great film about a Tobacco co. insider who lost almost everything to tell the truth. Al plays his interviewer. There are some great shots of Al, walking along on a beach and some good close up shots as well.

S1M0NE ---- this is a really senisitive part for Al to play. He does really quite well at comedy! Quite enjoyable and I won't try and spoil it for anyone who hasn't yet seen it!

Any Given Sunday -- I didn't know what to think about this film before I watched it - since it deals with football, and to be honest, I don't really know much of anything about football. However it turned out to be a pretty great movie - and delt with alot of social issues , not just football. Al plays a coach who can give wonderful pep talks! And it's got some unique angles, sometimes you almost feel like yer in his (Tony D'Amato's / Al's Role's) apartment. :-)

Cartoon dolls (you can make them on the web.) The 1st one reminded me of Al in the role of Carlito Brigante in "Carlito's Way". And the other one, reminded me of some of the pictures taken at the premier for "The Insider". One of the easiest ever pictures of Al to caption. Simply put. He's smokin'! If you have a caption for it, sign it in the guestbook! :-)

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