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Al, My favorite and Captioned movie stills
Welcome to the Movie Stills page!

Below I've added as many pictures from Al's film preformances as I can find and have listed them in chronogical order. Please take the below poll for your choice! Below this is some specail graphics blocks I've made myself for some of Al's movies. :-) Enjoy!

An episode of NYPD '69 Me, Natalie '69 Panic in Needle Park '71 Godfather 1 '72 Serpico '73 (another picture from Serpico) Godfather 2 '74 Dog Day Afternoon '75 Bobby Deerfield '77 ... And Justice for All '79 Crusing '80 Author! Author! '82 Scarface '83 Revolution '85 Sea of Love '89 Dick Tracy '90 Local Stigmatic '90 Frankie & Johnny '91 Godfather 3 '91 Glen Garry Glen Ross '92 Scent of a Woman '92 Carlito's Way '93 Stars of Action '93 Two Bits '95 Heat '95 Looking for Richard '96 (another from Looking for Richard) City Hall '96 Donnie Brasco '97 Devil's Advocate '97 Any Given Sunday '99 The Insider '99 Insomnia '02 S1M0NE '02

Al Movies / Films
Which is your favorite look of Al's in the above movies?

Current Results

Movies / film with Al in them I haven't seen - NYPD, Me, Natalie, Panic in Needle Park, Crusing, Author! Author!, Revolution, Dick Tracy, Local Stigmatic, Glen Garry Glen Ross, Stars of Action, Two Bits, Looking for Richard, and the hard to find - Chinese Coffee. Does anyone know if this was ever on film or just in theater?

More to come........

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