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Why I like Al Pacino

I have been a fan of Al's for a long time. Like alot of people like his movies, so do I. You can pretty much tell when Al is in a movie it's probablly good, because of Al's acting ability. The man really does throw all of himself into the part that he is playing, making it more enjoyable for us all to watch him and become interested in the movie. Thinking about it, acting is more than just reading lines from a page. Something I've discovered just recently. In order to be interesting and great at Acting I would think it would require the actor to give all and try their best to present the part they are playing no matter how different it is from them in reality. Just try it, stand in front of your mirror and say something totally out of charchter from what you usually would. Ok. Now try and make it convincing. If you have that down, make it look natural. Surprisingly hard, isn't it? Al is one of the actors who really gives us his best, and is more believable than almost all other actors. Not to mention that this man is totally georgeous! (Look at those eyes!) and fan accounts potray him to be a very kind and relaxed man, different then the roles he plays. It is his acting that has spurred on a recent interest of mine in drama and the performing arts. I have never been in a play, taken drama in school, etc , but am highly interested and am looking for a local area ameture drama club. Recently I have had my first audition, and even though I had some butterflies in my stomach, with Al inspiring me, I went. I learned alot and had a good time, it turns out I did not get a part, but I fully intend to keep on trying. I want to reach out and make people feel my part, my roll because I imagine it must be an awesome feeling....... to connect. I'm rambling aren't I?

My Al favorites -

Movies -- "Heat" , "Carlito's Way" , "Insomnia", and "Devil's Advocate" , But this changes.

Looks -- His casual class look, what I mean by that is the relaxed baseball hats, casual shirt and pants and gold.

Era - Right now!

Best feature -- This is hard, his eyes are really something, and so is that voice, but his hands, his personality, and everything else is good too. How can I pick one thing about this man?

In a bit of trivia - I am related, distantly to Jeffery Wigand (his real life story was the basis for "The Insider" and his part was played by Russel Crow.) Though I haven't met him. I figure he is somewhere like a 4th or 5th cousin.

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It's the drama girl cartoon! Alright. So. The company that makes her calls her Ms. Glamorous or something..... I still like to call her Drama girl! :-) I thought she'd look good on this page.

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