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1 Al with Kevin Spacey (who was also in Looking For Richard)
2 Good moody shot of Al
3 A lovely profile
4 Look at that smile. Is there anything else to say about this photo?
5 Al having a laugh - from Looking for Richard
6 Cool! Looking over his shoulder. (From Donnie Brascoe?)
7 A nice shot of Al as the Devil from Devil's Advocate
8 A little drawing Al did that was auctioned off for a wildlife charity
9 Some computer aided art from Devil's Advocate (not sure who the artist is - if this work is yours - please let me know so I can give you credit!)
10 Al could have been a hypnotist with those eyes.
11 A surprised and happy Al with a cute expression
12 Look at that lovely hair!
13 Awwwwwww how cute
14 Al, signing for as many people as he can
Gallery 2
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