The Al Pacino Movie role quiz!
The Which Al Pacino role are you most like quiz!

Keep track of what answers you pick ( 1,2,3,4, etc.......) and at the end total that up to come up with what answers you have more of.....then click the answers link.... and enjoy!

So, tell us some about yourself then........ (pick the most approiate for what you'd answer.)

1. I , am a person, who is just trying to do right in this world! (ohhh, you wanted my name, right.... yeah )

2. Hey. I'm me. If you don't like it, then you can go and *^@^%@$#%@$#%$#@@ yourself!

3. I'm sort of a shy and innocent type.

4. What business of that is yours, Punk!!

5. Busy is what I am!

6. I am a professional, wise and emotional person.

7. I am in power here boys.

Ok, now that I know you a little better....... Pick a word that best describes you.

1. Effort

2. Bold

3. Grin

4. Tough

5. Dedicated

6. Thinking

7. Fight

And on a given weekend what would you be most likely found doing?

1. Working hard and spending time with my signifigant other.

2. I would be havin this huge party, with drugs, dancing and members of the opposite gender. Or I would be visiting my family.

3. Oh me? Ideally I would be spending time with my child(ren) and mowing the yard.

4. Making phone calls to dirty numbers, harassing everyone, but I would really like to be spending time with a special person.

5. Spending time with my spouse and child who don't get to see me enough. But I probablly at work.

6.Spending time with my family and extended family, when not taking care of more urgent matters.

7. What weekends?

People Seem to think of you as ........

1. A criminal even though I'm not.

2. A bad guy, cause they need bad guys.

3. That I'm cute and charming

4. That I am one hardcore baby! And the women dig me! (I annoy a lot of people but am really just a big creampuff.)

5. That I am professional. They seem to forget that I am a person and want time for myself.

6. They seem to fear me, but really close people know that I am as calm as I can be.

7. That I fight for what is right!

You Like to wear what kind of clothing -

1. Casual cool baby

2. Whatever I want man.....

3. Jeans and t-shirts, but really, that doesn't matter to me

4. I like to look clean cut and respectable

5. My job requires a uniform and that is what I wear most of the time.

6. Professional, suit, tie

7. Casual Professional..... Professional yet I can blend in with most anyone.

You hate it when people do / say / act like this

1. Mis judge me because of where I've been.

2. When people make cracks about banana boats.

3. Depressed people. I always try to cheer them up with my charming sense of humor.

4. When people act better than me.

5. Oh nothing really, I just have something against murders and law breakers. And Oh yeah don't watch my &%^$^%$ing tv!

6. Betraying anyone annoys me the most.

7. Corruption, even though I'm in it.

Ok dokey, now go back and count up which you answered the most of (1,2,3,4,etc.......) keep your number in mind and then click here for the answer.

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